Nothing is as constant as change

The international market for advisory activities constantly change. We must adapt to new challenges in a ever faster changing market. Today, the purely conceptional consultation must be supplemented by active support during the conversion of a founded concept.

Erfahrung ist das Fundament des Erfolges

BRUNNER IT SOLUTIONS arbeitet weltweit und verfügt seit mehr als 25 Jahren über IT-Projekterfahrung durch viele erfolgreich abgeschlossene SAP Projekte bei namhaften, international agierende Unternehmen (our clients). Wir sind spezialisiert auf SAP Projektmanagement und SAP Projekt-Realisierung. Wir haben uns einen guten Namen bei der Erstellung von internationalen SAP Templates und den danach stattfindenden weltweiten Roll-Outs gemacht. Darüber hinaus verfügen wir über sehr gute Erfahrungen bei der Erstellung von Machbarkeitsstudien, im Hosten von SAP Systemen, sowie im IT Interimsmanagement.

Success is the sum of correct decisions!

Since the beginning of BRUNNER IT SOLUTIONS, the desire has been to leave used paths and venture new ways to assure the continuing success of our customers. As professional achievement offerers we have often experience made that many consultants ignore the requirements of the enterprises. By purposeful status inquiries we assure we stay on course and meet the common goal.

Flexible, fair and competent!

A close, responsible support for our customers is at the centre of attention with BRUNNER IT SOLUTIONS. With us, openness and honesty counts. We concentrate on the efficiency in the task and do not direct our attention not toward the achievement of the largest fee positions like many “black sheep” in our surrounding field.

We know what we do and do not pretend to know!

We assume tasks if we convinced of their success. We do not take on a task where we do not know sufficient detail. Our basic understanding of a successful work is satisfied customers, who count on our abilities with future challenges.